Ten 2023 Interior Design Trends to Try in Your Home

Homeownership is known for its long-term benefits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace changing trends and mix up your decor anytime you feel like it. If you’re looking for home decor inspo for a fresh start this year, we’ve got you covered. Without further ado, here are our favorite 2023 interior design trends.

Top Ten 2023 Interior Design Trends

  • Accent walls
  • Asymmetry
  • Bold kitchens
  • Colors replacing neutrals
  • Gold finishes
  • Soft florals
  • Statement rugs
  • Stone accents
  • Stylish laundry rooms
  • Vintage furniture

Aesthetic utility spaces, art deco finishes, and warm purple tones are all making their way into the trendiest homes of 2023.

1. Accent walls

Accent walls are going strong in 2023. Wallpaper can be an easy way to try out new styles if you’re not sure what you want. But, if you’re ready to commit, consider bold paint colors (more on color later) and textures like exposed brick, concrete, and natural stone.

2. Asymmetry

No need for complete sets here—asymmetry is in. From mismatched bedside tables to uniquely-shaped lamps, there are endless ways to incorporate this trend into your decor. If you prefer a more balanced look, you can opt for more subtle methods like different pieces of wall art in matching frames.

Pro Tip: Asymmetry is a very thrift-friendly decor trend! Your local antique and thrift stores are a great place to find one-of-a-kind pieces at reasonable prices.

3. Bold kitchens

Kitchens are where you cook up coziness, so it makes sense that one of the top 2023 interior design trends is devoting more focus to the aesthetic of your cooking space. While it does still need to be functional, don’t be afraid to play with bold cabinet colors, open shelves, and detail-rich finishes like wood, marble, and patterned tiling.

4. Colors replacing neutrals

Colors are back, but not in the pastels and bright colors that dominated previous years. Warm, muted tones in purples, blues, and yellows are gaining popularity. It’s not a complete departure from the biophilic design craze of 2022, though. The key when selecting colors is to choose shades that could be found in nature, giving your decor a more timeless feel. Luckily, nature has quite the selection of colors to choose from.

Pro Tip: Not sure what hue to start with? The Pantone Color of the Year 2023 is Viva Magenta.

5. Gold finishes

Brushed nickel is out, gold is in. After all, it wouldn’t be the ‘20s without art deco. While Gatsby-level extravagance is not in the average homeowner’s budget, gold-toned finishes on light fixtures, knobs, and more small details can elevate and infuse warmth into your space. 

6. Soft florals

If you’re opting for patterns this year, stay on trend by channeling French countryside cottages with florals in muted colors. From wallpaper to throw pillows to window dressings, soft florals are easy to incorporate throughout your home in tasteful (and budget-friendly) amounts.

7. Statement rugs

To drastically change a room with minimal actual changes, swapping a simple rug for a statement rug packs the most punch. A good rug will last for years, though, so avoid going too trendy with your rug choices. Muted colors, traditional patterns, and cozy textures are all timeless elements to look for.

8. Stone accents

Nothing is written in stone, except maybe our eighth 2023 home decor trend. Stone accent walls are gaining popularity, but they’re also a big commitment. The good news is there are plenty of less labor-intensive ways to bring this natural texture indoors. Agate accent tables, concrete lamps, and marble kitchen backsplashes are all popular methods for incorporating stone into your 2023 home decor.

9. Stylish laundry rooms

2020 changed how we interact with our homes, and the past few years of interior design have reflected this. From a growing focus on outdoor spaces in 2021 to enclosed layouts in 2022, the trend continues in 2023 with a focus on combining aesthetics and utility—particularly in laundry rooms. Glossy wood finishes, vintage-inspired floor tiles, and subtle luxe touches on cabinets and light fixtures can help turn your laundry room into a space you actually want to spend time in.

10. Vintage furniture

In 2023, we’re embracing multiple eras of style. That means vintage furniture is maintaining its popularity, if in less kitsch forms than we saw in 2022. Always support local/independently owned thrift and antique stores when you can. But, if you’re striking out in your area, there are plenty of great online options as well.

Are there any 2023 interior design trends to avoid?

As in all things homeownership, it’s important to stick to your budget. So, don’t commit a huge spend to a home decor trend you’re not sure you’ll love in the long term. Luckily, there are several ways your mortgage can actually help you pay for renovations, such as an FHA 203(k) loan. Bottom line, it’s your home, your vision, and your call. Have fun with it!

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