Ten 2022 Interior Design Trends to Try in Your Home

Whether you’re refreshing your current home or wondering what to look for in your next purchase, one of the biggest advantages of homeownership is the freedom to express (and change) your style. If you want to incorporate up-and-coming 2022 interior design trends into yours, we’ve rounded up 10 to get you started.

Top Ten 2022 Interior Design Trends

  • Sustainability
  • Closed floor plans
  • Dual-purpose rooms
  • Thoughtful outdoor spaces
  • Curved furniture
  • Organic shapes
  • Texture and more texture
  • Bold patterns
  • Earthy, neutral tones
  • Nature-inspired elements

1. Sustainability

The sustainability in interior design trend is heating up (and it’s not the only thing getting warmer). From choosing vintage/reclaimed furniture over new, to sourcing decor from small artists and local craftsmen, reducing the carbon footprint of your interior design is always in style.

2. Closed Floor Plans

Open floor plans have dominated over the past few years. But, the dedicated spaces offered by closed floor plans became appealing to many homeowners during the pandemic. In 2022, we’re open to closed floor plans.

3. Dual-Purpose Rooms

As for what to do with the differentiated spaces closed floor plans offer, dual-purpose spaces are gaining popularity. Maybe it’s an office that doubles as a yoga studio, or a homework room that moonlights as a theater. More time at home demands more functional spaces, but that doesn’t have to mean more physical space.

4. Thoughtful Outdoor Spaces

Our patios and backyards often get less love than our interiors, but that’s changing in 2022. Homeowners are putting more thought into how outdoor spaces can become an extension of the home rather than an afterthought. That means stylish outdoor furniture, intentional landscaping, and extras like gardens, water features, or play structures for the little ones.

5. Curved Furniture

One of the biggest 2022 interior design trends? Curved furniture. Rounded sofas, arched cabinetry, and even curved wall corners can be used to create softer lines in your home. Speaking of softer lines, let’s talk organic shapes.

6. Organic Shapes

We’re leaving industrial aesthetics behind in 2022. Coffee tables, lamps, and wall hangings are great ways to implement organic, asymmetric shapes into your interior design without having to make big purchases (we get it, a couch is a commitment).

7. Texture

From rugs to throw blankets to accent pillows, texture is another easy way to refresh your interior design without breaking the bank. Whether it’s a shag rug, a sleek leather accent chair, or a crushed velvet throw, an eclectic mix of textures can add dimension and personality to your home.

8. Bold Patterns

Ah, patterns—texture’s two-dimensional cousin. Designers predict that window treatments especially will be getting patterned updates this year. Florals, stripes, chinoiserie—with so many to choose from, the hardest part of introducing patterns into your decor will be choosing just a few.

9. Earthy, Neutral Tones

To bring balance to all those textures and patterns, rich, earthy color palettes are this year’s go-to color scheme. Pastels have been a millennial favorite when it comes to decorative accents, but these are fading out in favor of warmer, calmer neutrals. It’s all leading up to our next big trend: Nature-inspired elements.

Pro tip: Want a pop of color to complement those neutrals? The Pantone Color of the Year 2022 is Very Peri.

10. Nature-inspired Elements

After spending more time than ever indoors, it makes sense that bringing the outdoors in is, well, in. You’ve probably noticed the house plant craze taking over your Instagram feed, but you don’t have to have a green thumb to enjoy the benefits of biophilic design*. From plant-patterned wallpaper to larger windows for more natural light, the possibilities are only limited to your imagination—and budget.

*Biophilic design is architecture and interior design that’s intentionally created to connect people with nature.

Any tips for trying these 2022 interior design trends in my home?

Trends are a great place to start, but your style is ultimately your own. If you want to go your own way and fill your shelves with cow memorabilia or paint every wall in the house bright pink, we won’t judge. And if you’re upgrading your home this year, a cash-out refi* could help you leverage your home equity to finance it. We can’t help you paint your walls, but a refi we can handle.

*Using your home equity to pay off debts or make other purchases does not eliminate the debt or the cost of the purchases, but rather increases the loan amount of your mortgage to be paid according to your new mortgage terms.

Closed floor plans, organic shapes, and a love of all things nature are making their way into our homes in 2022. How will you make the decor trends yours?

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