8 Simple Summer Home Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

The sun is out, and summer home decor ideas are in. From rustic coastal chic to bold tropical vibes, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to how to decorate for the summer. If you’re in need of some inspo this season, dive into our top summer home decor trends below.

8 Summer Home Decor Ideas

  • Nature-inspired lighting
  • Coastal color palettes
  • Vibrant patterns
  • Colorful tableware
  • Lush plants
  • Open spaces
  • Light-weight pillows and throws
  • Bold front doors

1. Nature-inspired lighting

Natural light is always in. But when you can’t always depend on nature to come through, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. String and novelty lights may typically be associated with winter holidays, but neutral, warm-toned versions can work just as well for summer to replicate the light you’d get from fireflies, beach campfires, and sunset picnics. And if you want to reuse those lights when December rolls around, we won’t tell.

2. Coastal color palettes

Nothing says summer like a trip to the beach. When you can’t go to the ocean, bring the ocean indoors with color palettes inspired by the sea. Corals, pale blues, and neutrals are a great way to achieve that coastal cottage feeling. If you’re looking for a more modern take, try teals, bright pinks, and sunny yellows.

3. Vibrant patterns

The warmest season is all about bold choices. When it comes to summer home decor, that includes patterns. Throw pillows, rugs, and accent walls can be a simple way to incorporate this decor trend. When selecting your patterns, think tropical, nature-inspired motifs in lush greens, warm pinks, and saturated blues. For a more coastal theme, you can’t go wrong with nautical stripes.

4. Colorful tableware

Whether you’re actually dining outdoors or just trying to recreate that alfresco feeling, summer is a great time to get more playful with your dinner and drinkware. Melamine plates and acrylic glasses are a must for outdoor dining, but they also make for an easy clean-up anywhere. For glasses, lighter shades of pink and green can brighten up the table without hiding the nice hues of those summer cocktails.

5. Lush plants

Warm weather means prime plant season. From trailing greens to summer blooms, plants are a versatile way to update decor year-round. Plants aren’t just nice to look at either. Some houseplants literally help regulate the temperature indoors. And if you’re looking for a summer home decor idea that’s less of a commitment than houseplants, popular summer flowers include hydrangeas, delphiniums, and knock-out roses.

Pro Tip: Houseplants tend to attract bugs during the warmer months. A layer of sand on top of your houseplant’s soil can reduce the accessible moisture for bugs, discouraging them from burrowing and multiplying.

6. Open spaces

Sometimes, it’s about what you don’t have. The goal of summer decorating is to achieve a bright, breezy retreat from the heat. The simplest way to do this in your interiors is to declutter. Retire some of those blankets and throw pillows until fall, experiment with more spaced-out furniture arrangements, and keep things light (literally, open the blinds).

7. Light-weight pillows and throws

Speaking of throw blankets and pillows, don’t ditch them entirely for the warmer weather. Instead, switch to cooler materials like linen or silk in summery shades and patterns. If you’re looking for more durable outdoor materials, burlap and polypropylene are popular choices.

Pro Tip: Rather than buying a new set of pillows for each season, buy a set of inserts. This way, each season you can simply swap out different pillow covers.

8. Bold front doors

This one might not be for everyone, but a bold paint color on your front door makes a big difference in the seasonal feel of your home. Before you go all in on this trend, make sure your neighborhood HOA doesn’t have any rules or restrictions about what colors are allowed. Popular summer color choices include navy blue, yellow, and greens with blue undertones.

Bonus summer home decor ideas

When you’re decorating for summer, don’t forget about your outdoor space. Fresh throw pillows, wicker furniture, and elevated outdoor dining setups are a great way to embrace the changing seasons without having to refresh your whole home. For homeowners with pools, comfortable poolside seating is always a smart idea. And if your outdoor space is lacking in shade, patio umbrellas are a must for comfortable outdoor lounging. Don’t forget that summer is ultimately a time to slow down and relax—whatever you decide to do with your space shouldn’t be a source of stress. Have fun with it!

Natural light, open spaces, and bright colors are all great ways to usher the summer sun into your home.

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